I have been working as an electrician from 1994 to the present, first as an apprentice in Colorado working on homes and remodels, and, as I gained experience, tract homes and multi-million dollar custom homes.

By 1996 I was working on large commercial projects, from grocery stores to high-tech offices. In 1998 I was going out on industrial service calls at large manufacturing plants and, soon afterwards, renovating compression stations on the William's natural gas pipeline. This involved motor control in a very hazardous working environment.

In 2000 I passed the Oregon journeyman exam and received the Oregon electrician license while working as a foreman running small commercial and industrial projects.

Returning to California in 2002, I installed and repaired HVAC control work in University and Veterans' Administration hospitals. In 2002 I moved to Santa Barbara where I worked with a local electrical contractor installing theatrical lighting and setting up clean rooms, among a number of other projects. I have also installed solar panels and wiring in a commercial setting.

Since earning my C-10 license as an electrical contractor in 2008, I have worked on numerous residential electrical projects, from home rewiring, outdoor lighting, track lighting and ceiling fan installation, to wiring home theaters in high-end homes.

I enjoy trouble-shooting for those hard-to-fix problems you may have, whether residential, commercial or industrial. Please contact Jason Carlton, President, at CEC Electrical Services for your electrical service needs.

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