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Are Your Circuits Ready for the Holidays?

Electrical maintenance isn’t the first thing on most people’s to-do list in the fall season, but it should be on there somewhere. The circuits, wiring, fixtures, and panels that make up a domestic or commercial electrical system need regular oversight and professional care to keep them in good condition. Since the consequences of an electrical fault are always inconvenient and can potentially be quite serious, this is one kind of building upkeep you don’t want to do without.

Consider Future Circuit Load

A change in season often comes with a significant change in daily habits, especially in terms of how appliances are used. If you know that you’ll be employing space heaters or other devices that put a lot of extra demand on local circuits, then you may need to rearrange the way you have things plugged in. Tripping a breaker is a minor inconvenience, but consistently overloading circuits can cause serious damage to the system and become a fire hazard.

Check Your Decorations

If you are into light-laden decorations, then you also need to think about these when planning for the upcoming holiday circuit load. You should also carefully inspect any electrical devices or wiring that’s been in storage for a long time to make sure it’s still intact. Any signs of fraying, cracking, chewing, or damage from animals, heat, or other environmental factors means the device is not safe to use.

Guard Your Outlets

It’s easy to get careless around electrical outlets, so you should consider adding an extra layer of protection before the holiday craziness begins. All outlets around sinks and water sources should have some kind of protection, usually in the form of a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). Even a basic plastic cover goes a long way toward ensuring personal safety, but there are advantages to using more advanced solutions.

Inspect Your System for Safety and Efficiency

There are plenty of things that responsible homeowners can do to keep tabs on their electrical system and make sure it’s running properly. However, there’s really no substitute for a complete annual inspection by a licensed and certified professional electrician. This is the most reliable way to check for potential safety issues, keep components up to date, and ensure good operating efficiency throughout the structure.

Our expert electricians at CEC Electrical Services are proud to serve our friends and neighbors in and around Santa Barbara, CA, so contact us for electrical panel work, full system inspections, and other essential electrical solutions to prepare your system for the season ahead.

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