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An electrical outlet that is burnt after short circuit

Essential Ways You Can Save Money With Surge Protection

With the increased electrical demand for devices and gadgets today, a power surge can damage not just appliances and equipment but also cell phones, computers, game consoles, and more. Replacing these items or making repairs can be quite costly.

Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to protect your home and electronics from these potentially damaging voltage increases. Keep your family safe and your money in the bank.

Protect Your Electronics

The easiest way to protect your home electronics is by using surge protectors. Purchase high-quality power strips that offer surge protection with a high joule rating, which tells you how much surge voltage the unit can handle before failing. Plug in your most vulnerable items such as those with memory and delicate or sensitive electric circuits. This includes computers, routers, printers, and monitors.

TVs, cable boxes, satellite systems and related equipment also warrant surge protection. All electrical items in your home can benefit, although those mentioned are more sensitive and likely to become damaged or unusable after a power surge if left unprotected.

Keep Your Entire Home Safe

Electrical surges can damage more than just appliances and electronics. Your home’s electrical panel and entire electrical system can be damaged depending on the strength of the power surge. The excess energy from a surge can overload your home’s circuits. This damage can expose your home to the risk of overheating and electrical fires. Consider investing in a whole-house surge protector to prevent costly damage and repairs.

You can also add surge protection to your HVAC to extend the life span of your heating and cooling system. Given the cost of replacing an HVAC system, protecting the unit with surge protection can definitely save money.

Save on Insurance

You can keep your homeowners’ insurance premiums down with surge protection because you won’t have any need to make expensive claims for damaged appliances or equipment.

Additionally, many devices and electronics manufacturers state that their warranties become void if the unit is damaged due to a surge. Surge protection is an easy way to save money by keeping your warranties intact.

Increase the Longevity of Your Devices

You will also get an increased life span from your electronics. Even if the items still work after a power surge, the excess electricity load can take its toll by reducing their functional life. Having good surge protection saves money by reducing the frequency of costly appliance and electronic replacements.

Avoid Unnecessary Expenses and Damage

Adding surge protection to your residence has several financial benefits from protecting your devices to safeguarding your home’s electrical system. Don’t empty your wallet by making unneeded replacements or repairs. Get the surge protection you need in Santa Barbara, CA by calling our professionals at CEC Electrical for service today!

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