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Santa Barbara Solar Panel Installation

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As the price of electricity continues to rise, one thing will always remain free – power from the sun! CEC Electrical offers solar panel installation in Santa Barbara to provide our customers with the endless power going solar provides. We have more than 15 years of experience and love helping our customers improve their homes while remaining eco-friendly. To learn more about how we can help you, or simply to request a free estimate, contact us today at 805-301-9718.

The Benefits Of Solar Panel Installation In Santa Barbara

Solar energy is nothing new, as it’s a time-tested source of energy that all generations have relied on. However, as a way to power your home, it’s quite innovative and eco-friendly. There are many benefits to solar panel installation in Santa Barbara, which is why our electricians at CEC Electrical offer this efficient service.

Some of the biggest advantages of going solar include:

If solar panel installation in Santa Barbara sounds right for you, then get in touch with CEC Electrical today. Our team is also happy to answer any questions you may have as well as provide a free estimate.

Common FAQs About Solar Panel Installation

How many solar panels you need to power your home or business depends on many things, like how much energy you use, the size and angle of your roof, and how much sun you get.
The best place to put solar panels depends on a number of things, such as the angle and orientation of your roof, the amount of sunlight your property gets, and any nearby trees or buildings that block the sun.
There are different kinds of solar panels, such as thin-film, monocrystalline, and polycrystalline. The most efficient panels are monocrystalline ones, but they also cost the most. Polycrystalline panels aren’t quite as efficient as monocrystalline ones, but they cost less. Thin-film panels are the least effective, but they are also the cheapest.
The installation process typically takes anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the system.
Solar panel systems don’t need much upkeep because they are made to be self-sufficient and usually have monitoring systems built in. In general, you should clean the panels every few months and look for signs of wear and tear on the mounting hardware.

Yes, you can still be connected to the grid and still get a bill from the utility company. Most of the time, your utility company will set up a net metering system that lets you sell any extra energy your solar panels produce back to the grid.

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